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Innovative company based in Rouïba Algeria offers solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase occupant comfort.    

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Founded in 1975 and distinguished by its expertise in the design and manufacture of lighting and urban furniture, BELUX occupies a leading position in Algeria in these fields. The company has supplied lighting and beautification equipment to many Algerian cities, carrying out major projects such as universities, ports, airports, roads, bridges, tunnels, historic sites and tram networks.

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A French family business established in 1906, it expands its presence in several regions of France and Africa. Specialized in heating air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, energy renovation, industrial piping, the JULES CUNIN group offers solutions both for industry professionals and for tertiary professionals.

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Energy retrofitting has become a major global concern due to the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

The Paris Agreement 1st global agreement on climate and global warming. Following the negotiations of the Paris Conference (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change approved by all 195 delegations on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 14 November 2016

195 of the 197 countries recognized by the United Nations have signed or committed to signing the Paris Climate Agreement, making it the most widely and rapidly signed text in human history

In Algeria, considering that most of the buildings are heavy energy consumers, without any thermal insulation, it becomes urgent and necessary to carry out complete renovation work in order to offer decent living conditions, reduce energy consumption and put an end to the unbearable waste of energy that has lasted for decades.

Should we remember that the state subsidizes electricity and gas with billions of US dollars that the citizen pays but does not consume knowing that he lives in thermal sieves

Algeria has launched an ambitious programme to develop renewable energy (RES) and energy efficiency.

The Algerian government’s vision is to develop inexhaustible resources such as solar and their use to diversify energy sources and prepare the Algeria of tomorrow.

The updated renewable energy program consists of installing a renewable power of about 22,000 MW by 2030 for the national market, with the maintenance of the export option as a strategic objective, if market conditions permit.

The updated energy efficiency program aims to achieve energy savings by 2030 of around 63 million TOE for all sectors (building and public lighting, transport, industry) by introducing high-performance lighting, thermal insulation and solar water heaters, clean fuels (GPLc and GNc), and high-performance industrial equipment. The energy efficiency program will reduce CO2 emissions by 193 million tonnes.

Customers sign up for the following reasons

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The energy renovation market in Algeria is expanding, with measures taken by the government to encourage the energy transition. However, there is no information on the profitability of this market.

The implementation of the national energy efficiency program on the ground will gradually reduce the growth in energy demand. Thus, the cumulative energy savings achieved would be of the order of 93 million TOE, of which 63 million TOE by 2030 and the rest beyond this horizon.

These figures show the importance of this energy saving programme, which involves the implementation of a number of measures, including the involvement of the parties concerned, including public and private industry and the adaptation of the legal framework governing energy efficiency.



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