SCOA Lighting

Article 1 : Application of the general conditions of sale

These General Conditions of Sale determine the rights and obligations of the customer in the context of each sale, They are fully enforceable to the Buyer who accepted them before placing an order. 

The Customer declares to have read all the present General Conditions of Sale, and to accept them without restriction or reservation.

Article 2  : Proposals

The terms of payment and expiry of the validity of the offer as well as the general conditions of sale are transmitted to the customer during the financial and technical offer,  the payment is due immediately on the order according to the terms of payment indicated on the quotation; No collection is made without full collection of the goods.  .

Article 3 : Cancellation of orders 

A delay in the deadlines for collection does not authorize the buyer to cancel the sale or to refuse the goods or to demand damages. Scoa automatically releases itself from any commitment relating to the collection period in the event of force majeure, secondary event, request for modifications linked to additional work.

Article 4 : Change order 

The Customer acknowledges that he has received the advice and information necessary to ensure the adequacy of the offer to his needs, any modification of work must be notified by the customer in writing and will give rise to a new quote 

Article 5 : Transfer of ownership   and liability clause

The products remain the property of the Company until the removal, the transfer of ownership and responsibility to the customer will be made at the removal of the products, a technical receipt on site of the seller is recommended, It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify the seller on its production site of any reservation on the product being picked up. In the absence of a representative of the customer, SCOA disclaims any responsibility for the goods removed by an agent appointed by the customer.

Any postponement of collection of products by the customer exceeding 30 days after the expected date of collection, will give daily storage fees 

Transport costs are the responsibility of the customer unless express derogation in the order

Article 6 : industrial property & confidentiality  

*The “Presentation Material” sample may be presented against a Sample Price Guarantee Bond and a Purchase Order, Customer Tax Contact Information and Project Data Submission for which the sample will be offered.

The sample must be returned in good condition, otherwise it will be invoiced under the conditions of the offer.

Article 7 :Warranties and after-sales services

Scoa guarantees its products from the date of collection of the goods by the customer, this guarantee is 12 months (provide if the duration is to be kept fixed or according to the product )and is summarized on: 

1.       defective replacement parts except for repairs

2.        where the defect comes from the materials supplied by the seller

3.        the guarantee concerns only hidden defects resulting from the design of the materials

No guarantee can be made if:

1.       the defects come from the materials supplied by the customer,

2.        Customer failure to comply with instructions for use or storage conditions

3.       A modification, intervention or repair made by the customer

Special guarantees may be the subject of a specific agreement between SCOA and the customer for a specific operation according to well-defined risks and very specific conditions.